Amanda’s Senior Photos | Tucson Senior Pics

One of the best aspects of having senior spokesmodels is that I get to spend a lot of time with them! I have THE BEST, most amazing seniors reppin’ my brand, and being their senior portrait photographer is quite a treat! I also love finding great places for Tucson senior pics — like this one that we found for Amanda:

fall senior pictures in tucson
high school senior pictures in tucson

Those of you who are familiar with Tucson know that finds fallish LEAVES is nothing short of a miracle. Amanda and I took full advantage of our amazing location!
tucson senior pictures in fall leaves

We also had a super fun time traveling all over Tucson to find great spots for her senior pics! Here are some of our favorites!

fall high school senior portraits in tucson
High school senior in Tucson models clothing

I LOVE these colorful locations in downtown Tucson – they are so much fun for senior pictures!
lost barrio location for tucson senior photos
tucson high school senior pictures
best locations for tucson senior pics

And seriously, how pretty is this county chic look?? I love Amanda’s style, and this location was perfect to show it off!
tucson senior pictures in country location
Good locations for senior portraits

Amanda, it was so great having you as my senior spokesmodel for University High School, AND having you as my photography intern. I know you’ll have a blast at the University of Arizona!


Harper - These are beautiful! I love the variety of backgrounds and all the pops of color. Well done!

Christina Brown - I absolutely love your work, and I’ve been looking for places just like in this website. Is there anyway you could possibly tell me where these area might be? I’ve been trying to find similar spots so I could do something sweet for my boyfriend before he leaves for the Air Force.

Jared, Salpointe Catholic | Tucson Senior Portrait Photographer

Wait up, hold a minute! I don’t typically photograph too many senior guys, but Jared’s session was a super fun change of pace. I love that he incorporated his sport into his senior portrait session, and also all of the different looks and styles we got! I know most guys don’t LOVE getting their senior pictures taken, but Jared was so easy going that it was a piece of cake!

Jared’s a super star footballer at Salpointe Catholic, and graduated with the class of 2013.

salpointe catholic senior pictures
senior guy photo sessions with football
senior portraits for guys in tucson

Here are some of more of his favorites, and some of my favorites, from his senior portrait session. I loved that he wanted to rock a more classic look, as well as get some great shots that showed off his personal style.

downtown tucson senior pictures
downtown tucson location for senior guys
urban senior portraits in tucson
urban senior portrait session in tucson
urban senior photo session in tucson

Special thanks to Amanda, my intern, for driving my enormous Suburban back to Jared’s Jeep so he could have his favorite sunglasses.
tucson senior portrait photographer

Jared, it was a lot of fun photographing your senior portraits! Thanks for bringing some great outfits and for mixing things up a bit!


Jennifer Storer - HOLY SMOKES. Stephanie, this is amazing! He’s going to be on pinterest in a matter of moments, you nailed this session!

Amanda Nicole Miller - I love all the color in those first shots! Great job, as usual…

julie - Love, love, LOVE this session, Stephanie! The colors are outta this world .. so vibrant! Some cool locations, too! I am certain Jared, his parents, and quite a few admirers are loving these images!!

Fashion Friday | What to Wear for Your Senior Pictures

Okay, yeah yeah, I know it’s not Friday anymore. But these are still SUPER cute ideas for putting together outfits for your senior pictures, right? LOVE these looks and colors — they’ll be perfect when you book your senior portraits with me 🙂

fashion friday

Striped Maxi Skirt | Colored Shorts | Awesome Wedges

Today’s Fashion Friday by Stephanie Newbold Photography, Tucson Arizona High School Senior Photographer

Hunter’s Senior Photos | Tucson Senior Portrait Photographer

It’s not every day a girl gets to go to Louisiana and do her nephew’s senior pictures, and let me tell you, I was EXCITED! Seriously – the light, the locations…EVERYTHING was different than doing senior portraits in Tucson!

I am so excited to introduce you to Hunter. He is my brother’s step-son, and well, there’s nothing really “step” about that relationship. Hunter and his mom, Wanda, have been part of our family since day one, and we are so blessed to have them! I mean, really. It takes A LOT to put up with my little brother! JUST KIDDING, Mike!!!

Anyway, I enjoyed my time in Louisiana so much, and loved having my brother be my assistant for the day. He did a great job scouting some amazing locations for me, and making me laugh. You’ll see why here in a minute. I am super glad to say I finished this senior photo session without seeing any snakes. Or getting chigger bites. Though I did get a skeeter bite or two, but it was totally worth it! See for yourself 🙂

senior guy portrait session tucson
outdoor senior pictures tucson
casual poses for senior portraits in tucson
country locations for tucson senior picturessenior guy portrait sessions
senior pictures near a fence
high school senior portrait photographer in tucson arizona

One of the things that makes for amazing senior portraits is when the senior includes something that’s meaningful to them, like their sports trophies, or their dog or, in Hunter’s case…his family homeplace. This rustic home sits on acres and acres of beautiful, grassy property and has been in Hunter’s family for many years. I loved the woods and the old family home. The family property even included some older out buildings and sheds…so cool!
high school senior portrait sessions for boys
outdoor senior portraits in tucson
high school senior portraits in tucson
fall senior portraits in tucson

Whew! I know that was a HUGE senior portrait photo session share here on the blog and thank you for sticking with me! I am completely in love with outdoor senior portraits, so I just couldn’t resist showing off these amazing locations!

AND, since y’all were so patient…here is my brother Mike, rockin’ my Kelly Moore Libby camera bag. AWESOME! Love you Mike!
stephanie-newbold-photography-assistant with Kelly Moore camera bag

Courtney Atkins - These are awesome senior pictures! P.S. I love the pictures of your brother, too funny!